How To Eliminate 2-minute Tasks

Eradicate siloed systems and repeated data entry.

Where do you start when aiming to eliminate or minimise the cancer of 2-minute tasks in your business?

The first principle is complete integration.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for siloed information and systems which don’t talk to each other.

If anyone on your team ever moves data from one piece of software to another, or enters data twice, into different systems… you’ve already identified a massive opportunity for increased productivity.

Working in this ‘duplicate entry’ way is slower and creates ample opportunity for delays caused by human error, both of which add wasteful cost to your business.

How does your software and systems talk to each other?

I’ll give you an example from our business:

When a new client decides work with us, they accept an online proposal.

Following that, the following set-up actions are required…

  • Update CRM record
  • Notify the team internally
  • Set a task to contact the new client and gather information
  • Create their company folder and associated sub-folders on Google Drive
  • Create a draft invoice for review and submission
  • Create their project with milestones in – Our project management tool

And remember, these items are required for every new customer.

Now, it’s clear that none of the items in the list are very difficult. Nor do they take very long, individually.

The crucial fact, if they were done by a human, is they all have to be remembered, and it distracts the human(s) in the business from delivering their highest value work.

Let’s face it, nobody wakes up in the morning uniquely skilled for the mundane tasks in the above list.

In our business, no human does any of the above tasks.

When the client accepts the proposal online, it is the trigger for our automation to complete all of the steps.

It is a simple ITTT process – If This, Then That.

“But it’ll only take two minutes.”.

I know… creating folders on Google drive doesn’t take very long, but that’s the insidious nature of the cancer of 2-minute tasks.

And there is a massive additional benefit when you use integrated, automated systems…


By having all the folders created by the system, we ensure that every project has the same folder structure. This means everyone knows where to find or save everything relating to the project.

It reduces ‘Where is…?’ type of internal communication, and increases productivity.

Where could you start?

If you look at the short list above and identify with at least one of those tasks in your business, know this… it is chewing up the productivity in your business and the morale of your team.

And if you do only identify with one of the tasks on the list, also know there are more. They hunt in packs and kill your profit and growth from the inside.

I bet you can identify at least 10 such 2-minute tasks in your business, simply by observing your team for 30 minutes today.

Don’t worry about what software or tools to use to start eradicating this cancer from your business. Start by identifying these tasks and see them as opportunities to increase productivity,profit and morale.


Author: Pieter De Villiers

Pieter K de Villiers is slightly obsessed with systems. The systems and process automation he builds for small businesses are transformative, to say the least. Pieter is a Co-Founder of Blue Peg Group and the Amazon best-selling author of “Barefoot Business: 3 key systems to attract more leads, win more sales and delight more customers without your business killing you”.



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