If you are, like many other business owners, swamped by the day to day, trying to find a different way to work.

If you feel that your business is running you or taking over your life, then this book is for you.

The success of every small business depends on the predictable, repeatable, daily actions taken to generate new leads, convert prospects into customers and fulfilling of orders in a systematized and reliable manner.

What Pieter manages to achieve in Barefoot Business is break down, what on the face of it can seem to be an overwhelmingly complicated endeavor, into 3 key systems. The implementation of which can hold the key to the success of your small business.

Clate Mask, president and CEO, Infusion Software



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Read on and you will learn how big businesses manage to cope with everything business throws at them, and still stay in control. You’ll learn how companies like Porsche and McDonalds or Apple manage to run extremely efficient and profitable businesses, on what seems like auto-pilot, with staff far less “Skilled” or “Qualified” than what you might expect.

More importantly, you’ll learn how you can do it too!

There are only 3 Key Systems every business needs, and everything else is in service of these systems, because these 3 Key Systems will allow you to step away, let the systems run the business whilst you create something of real value.

What you’ll learn when you read this book:

  • The 3 Key Systems your business needs
  • How to create systems that run your business, allowing your staff to simply run the systems
  • How to free yourself up from the day-to-day, so you can focus on growing your business into a company
  • How to Increase Productivity, Reduce Waste and Cost
  • How to build a Systemised and Automated business, allowing you to focus on what really matter


Pieter K de Villiers is a Co-Founder of Barefoot Digital and a Small Business Systems and Automation Expert, working with Business Owners to Design, Systemise and Automate their businesses, in order to free them up to focus on the growth of the business, instead of the day-to-day.


Barefoot Business helps makes business simple again. Pieter has created a manual for business freedom, not just a book.

Ash Taylor, Business Coach and Pretirement Expert

There is nothing more important in business than being able to focus on the actual business and not the product and service.

There is a famous maxim, which I whole-heartedly disagree with about working on your business, rather than in it. I am sure the author meant something different to what has been the curse for many Entrepreneur. The key is to do BOTH.

What Pieter has set out with his simple three phase focus can only be achieved by working IN your business to understand the key elements to systemise the day to day so you can work ON your business.

Too many Entrepreneurs are not aware of these key elements Pieter outlines and as such will always struggle to breakout of small business performance and in to the big league.

Martin Norbury, CEO & Founder at The Scalability Coach, Author of I Don’t Work Fridays

I’ve been an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Partner since 2011, and been working with systems and processes for a lot longer than that.

Basically, I didn’t think I had much to learn about systems or automation.

Heck, my business is Conquer The Chaos – systems and automation is what we do!

But that was before I read this book.

Pieter has achieved the almost impossible task of laying out in a single book eveything a business owner needs to know about systemising their business – so they can achieve more with less, and ultimately create a business which gives them all the freedom they craved when they took that first courageous leap into the unknown of small business ownership.

And I guarantee you, even if you’re like me and know a ton about systems… you’ll learn something from this book that’ll return your investment in it 100-fold.

Don’t delay. Buy it today, read it over the weekend, implement the bejesus out of it over the next 30-90 days and you will transform your business.

Peter Daly-Dickson, Founder of macanta, the preferred front-end for Infusionsoft