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What is the White Room Process (WRP)?

The WRP is a 90-120 minute session with Pieter K de Villiers, co-founder of Blue Peg Group.

During your time together you’ll do a deep dive into your business and identify where you can save time and generate more profit through the use of automated systems and process management.

  • This is not a group session or pre-recorded webinar. It is a one-to-one session with Pieter;
  • You can also have some of your team members join the session and get input into the process from the right people in your business;
  • At the end of the WRP, you will receive a full recording of the call for you to review and discuss at any time;
  • We’ll also provide you with ‘architectural drawings’ of the ideal system for your business, and details of how we can help you build the system and create the processes and automation identified in the WRP.

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