A All Animal Control

Business Description

Animal Control Franchise based in the US. Basically, if you have a racoon in the garden, or bats in your loft, they’ll come and remove them.

The Problem/Requirements

  1.  Create a simple user interface for their franchisees to update and follow-up leads and enquiries
  2. Give restricted access to content inside the interface, based on the products and services offered by the franchisee, and the marketing services signed up for from HQ

The Solution

The “back-end” of every Franchise and HQ is run on Infusionsoft.

Macanta is installed to take care of the simplified interface and restricted access requirements.

This solution also allows for easy roll-out of a system for a new franchisee.

The Result

The interface removes all the complexity of Infusionsoft, whilst still allowing the business to benefit from it’s powerful automation.

Franchisees can access contacts, update records and see past site visits etc…

If a franchisee has not signed up for the “Racoon Removal” marketing service from HQ, then they have no sight of the Workflow Forms or Phone Scripts etc that comes with the service. Instead, they have access to what is essentially a sales page from HQ, selling the marketing service to the Franchisee.

The moment the Franchisee signs up for the marketing service, then the “sales page” vanishes from the interface and the required Workflow Forms and Phone Scripts are available onscreen to the franchisee.

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