Cashmere & Cotton

Business Description

Online ladies fashion retailer.

The Problem/Requirements

This project was carried out in two parts, 2 years apart:

Part 1 – Set-up a connection between the bespoke online store and Infusionsoft CRM and Automation

Part 2 – Transfer all the automated campaigns and functionality over to the newly created Shopify Store.

The Solution

For Part 1, a custom integration was created between Infusionsoft and the bespoke Online Store platform (VisualSoft).

This took all contact and sales data and transferred it to Infusionsoft, creating sales and adding contacts to automated follow-up campaigns.

Part 2 required integration of all existing automation with Shopify, using the Revenue Conduit integration.

The Result

This now ensures that any sales made in Shopify are carried over to Infusionsoft, with record keeping of all items purchased, tracking categories purchased from and total sales values.

The automation also runs a spending threshold controlled VIP loyalty scheme, fully automated.

Having all the data inside Infusionsoft allows for ongoing extensive reporting, behaviour based marketing and RFM tracking.

Having a full knowledge of the Infusionsoft Integration allowed for an overnight “switch” from Visualsoft to Shopify without any loss in functionality or historical data.

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