Expert Print Management

Business Description

B2B printing services to marketing departments for larger organisations and agencies.

The Problem/Requirements

  1. Ability to automate follow-up and process management for multiple quotes and jobs, all of which can be in different stages of progress. This includes automated email notifications to clients and internal task creation and process management.
  2. Integration with limitations on access between the existing Job Management System (used mainly by production staff) and an easy to use CRM system with automated marketing functionality (used mainly by admin staff)
  3. Simple reporting of all jobs/quotes queued or processed

The Solution

The existing Job Management System is WorkflowMax® and it was determined that Infusionsoft® will be the CRM sitting at the heart of the business.

In addition to this, macanta was installed to simplify and customise the interface for staff interacting with the data stored in Infusionsoft®.

This allowed for a clean, simple and customisable interface, whilst still harnessing the automation power of Infusionsoft®.

macanta is also driving the additional functionalities required, such as:

  • Restricted access to data based on Staff Role and Prospect/Customer progress
  • Management of multiple quotes and jobs through the Infusionsoft® Automation

Finally, a bespoke integration was created between WorkflowMax® and Infusionsoft®, completely eliminating the need for data to be entered more than once, anywhere in the system.

The Result

A prospect in the CRM, is “tagged” the moment they request a quote, at which point they are automatically created in WorkflowMax® and the production team can build the quote in WorkflowMax®.

At this point, the Quote information is synced back to Infusionsoft® and macanta, to give a “read only” view of the client to the Admin team.

Any changes made to the Quote or Job in WorkflowMax® is synced back to macanta and Infusionsoft®, in order to ensure that everyone can access a “most recent” state of all Quotes, Jobs and Clients, without the need to log into multiple systems.

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