G4S Marketing

Business Description

Digital Marketing and Automation Experts.

The Problem/Requirements

Create a solution for their client, to fully integrate Infusionsoft® with Docebo®’s online learning platform.

The Solution

A bespoke WordPress plugin was created to handle all the synchronisation and integration required between Infusionsoft® and Docebo®.

This allows for a platform G4S can now provide to multiple clients in the future, with the ability to customise the integration as required.

The Result

Contacts can be enrolled on a course in Docebo®, simply by applying a tag in Infusionsoft®. Access level can also be controlled / changed, depending on requirements.

Sales and Contacts, Courses and Course Access are all synced between Infusionsoft® and Docebo®, in both directions, allowing for single point data entry, and custom workflow patterns, as required by the business.

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