NKD Waxing

Business Description

High Street Waxing Salon.

The Problem/Requirements

Create a fully online solution to replace the existing “on a PC under the desk” system.

This system also needed to be integrated with full marketing automation.

The Solution

MindBody® Online was chosen as the Salon Management System, with Infusionsoft® handling the marketing automation.

After using an existing integration tool for Infusionsoft® / MindBody®, the requirements for more advanced functionality and multiple location support led to the creation of a bespoke integration between MindBody® Only and Infusionsoft®.

Thrown into the mix is InfusionLabs, which allows for loyalty program calculations and bespoke discount codes / amounts.

The Result

Any new contacts, bookings and sales are synced from MindBody® to Infusionsoft®.

Infusionsoft® then handles all follow-up marketing campaigns including Email, Call Tasks and Automated Text Messaging.

macanta is used as a simplified interface for staff to access tasks and contact records, without the need to ever log into Infusionsoft®.

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