The Scottish Shutter Company

Business Description

Window Coverings Retail and Installation.

The Problem/Requirements

Systemise the processes from first enquiry to post installation follow-up, specifically to minimise user error, tasks being forgotten etc, allowing a small team to deliver a superior service.

The Solution

After an extensive 2 day White Room Process, a system was designed to be completely run using Infusionsoft® Automation to manage internal tasks and client communication for all sales and installation projects.

This allows for every step of the process to be systemised, for what is quite a complex customer journey.

The system also ensures that small “client delights” are made part of the system and not reliant on someone finding time or remembering.

The system created for SSC was crucial in allowing them to double revenue, without requiring additional staff.

The Result

The moment a web enquiry comes in, it creates a task for someone to call the prospect, they are ALWAYS called within 10 minutes, when enquiring in normal business hours.

Every step of the quoting, measuring and installation process, as well as the financial side of things are handles by the system.

The focus here is that the system runs the business and the staff run the system.

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