Toddle About

Business Description

Local Magazine Franchise.

The Problem/Requirements

The business was already using Infusionsoft®, but due to the growth of the network, the 100 Custom Field limit in Infusionsoft® became a problem.

The business also needed to restrict access to contacts based on the geographic details of the franchisee and magazine.

The Solution

macanta was installed to allow for restricted access to contact records, based on the logged-in user’s (Franchisee) access settings, control by HQ.

macanta’s unique “Connected Data” functionality allows for unlimited custom fields to be used inside Infusionsoft®. This allows for full automation based on multiple advertisement placements, in multiple locations, seamlessly.

The Result

Each advert placed by a local business becomes a unique item of “Connected Data”. This allows for full automation of follow-up, process management and retention of historical data. It also ensure that when an advertiser has an ad in multiple locations, or multiple ads in one location, these are managed as individual items of data, and not just lumped together in the automation.

Having restricted access for Franchisees, also ensure that when a Franchisee logs into the system, they only access the records of their advertisers and prospect, making it very easy to run an area specific franchise setup.

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