Zen Communications

Business Description

A Kick-Arse PR agency.

The Problem/Requirements

The agency was still managing their client project completely off-line. A system was required to bring all project management elements online and have a greater overall visibility of progress and requirements.

The Solution

A system was designed with 3 key focus points:

  1. CRM
  2. Project Management
  3. Internal Communications

The CRM element is managed by macanta, with Infusinosoft® Automation driving the outflow to other parts of the systems.

Project management is handled by a fully integrated setup using Infusionsoft®, Trello®, Zapier®, Slack® and Google Drive

All internal communications are handled using Slack®.

The Result

All customer records are accused through macanta. When a new project needs to be started, a workflow form is completed in macanta with the Project Title, Description and Project Type.

Once completed, a Trello® card is automatically created on the project board, already containing the individual tasks required for the project type.

This ensure every project of each type has a safety net of minimum requirements, without anyone needing to remember what that is.

As the Trello® card travels through their project journey, notifications are sent to Slack® as an update to the team on progress.

All projects are also recorded for reference inside macanta using the “Connected Data” functionality.

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